When you live in a loving place with a loving heart and a loving attitude, your energy shines

nter into everything with openness and love, and enjoy the adventure of living


Move on from the past, live in the present and look forward to the is a journey to be enjoyed...embrace the gift of life



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When I read for you, I will hear  strong messages and get flashes of pictures, be watching a movie and sometimes finding myself in another place where I can describe the surroundings to you. Its the only way I can describe briefly how it works for me. I sometimes feel peoples pain, get scents, feel emotional and get warning messages about events that can be prevented or happy outcomes to a situation. I give no bad news unless it is a caution of something that can be prevented.

A face to face reading are for those who can come to my office in Parkwood, Western Austalia in person. My hours of work do vary at times but basically I work Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm and also Saturdays for those who work fulltime.
I ask that you bring something that belongs to only you, that I may hold throughout the reading.

Photos are welcome and on phone is fine if you dont have them printed.
You can choose a 30 minute reading or a 60 minute reading

You can Contact Me through Facebook or via email.


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Hello and thank you for visiting!

I am a psychic medium from Perth, Western Australia. I live a very happy and satisfied life and feel so blessed with the gift that I was born with.

I was asked not long ago how did I do it, read for others. My answer was "I don't know." It just happens. I have trusted the universe for so long and not worked with groups or done courses for my work to happen, because my gift is not one that can be learned.

When I do readings, I give descriptions of people and locations, names will come through, names of towns or suburbs often come through. But they come through of their own accord. People who have crossed over will often come through too ...if this is what you are looking for please understand if they are meant to they will. We don't always have control over this type of communication, however bring an item or photo that has belonged to them.


As a child I grew up seeing spirit. Its always been a natural ability of mine. My father who is now deceased also saw spirit and was treated as a schitzophrenic with his illness driving him to a sad place.

I embrace life, I understand that each event or person that takes place in my life is for the purpose of my highest good, and I live for today and look forward to tomorrow. Life is a journey! Embrace the journey.


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If you worry about tomorrow you take away todays peace